lldp location-identification civic-address

Configures civic address location information of local Link Layer Discovery Protocol-Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) on specific ports.



If you try to configure a civic-address with a large number of arguments, 26 or more, the command fails and a software message informs you to split the command into multiple smaller commands.


Command Parameters

additional-code WORD<0-255>
Specifies the location information parameters.
additional-information WORD<0-255>
Example: South Wing
apartment WORD<0-255>
Example: Apt 42
block WORD<0-255>
Specifies a block, for example, 3
building WORD<0-255>
Example: Low Library.
city WORD<0-255>
Specifies a city, for example, Sunnyvale
city-district WORD<0-255>
Specifies a city district, for example, Santa Clara
country-code WORD<2–2>
Specifies a country using a 2 character string, example US (United States), CA (Canada).
county WORD<0-255>
Specifies a county, for example, Alameda
floor WORD<0-255>
Example: 8
house-number WORD<0-255>
Specifies a house number, for example, 123.
house-number-suffix WORD<0-255>
Specifies a house number suffix, for example, A, 1/2.
landmark WORD<0-255>
Specifies a landmark, for example, Columbia University.
leading-street-direction WORD<0-255>
Specifies a leading street direction, for example, N
name WORD<0-255>
Example: Joe‘s Barbershop
place-type WORD<0-255>
Example: office
pobox WORD<0-255>
Example: 12345
postal-community-name WORD<0-255>
Example: Leonia
postal-zip-code WORD<0-255>
Specifies a postal or zip code, for example, 95054
room-number WORD<0-255>
Example: 450F
state WORD<0-255>
Specifies a state, for example, NJ, FL
street WORD<0-255>
Specifies a street, for example, Great America Parkway
street-suffix WORD<0-255>
Specifies a street suffix, for example, Ave, Blvd
trailing-street-suffix WORD<0-255>
Specifies a trailing street suffix, for example, SW



Command Mode

GigabitEthernet Interface Configuration