show ip mroute static-source-group

Display information about the static source groups on the current interface. The range of values depends on the hardware platform.


Command Parameters

Specifies the group IP address.
vrf WORD<1-32> | vrf WORD<1-16>
Specifies a VRF by name. Range depends on hardware platform.
vrfids WORD <0-255> | vrfids WORD <0-512>
Specifies a VRF by ID. Range depends on hardware platform.



Command Mode


Usage Guidelines

This command is not supported on a node configured as the DvR Leaf within a DvR domain.

You can use this command to see all valid entries that were created. If an entry is created with a x bit mask, it shows as a x bit in the output.

Command Output

The show ip mroute static-source-group command displays the following information:

Output field


Group Address

Indicates the IP multicast group address.

Source Address

Indicates the network address.

Subnet Mask

Indicates the network mask.