ipv6 nd prefix-interface (for a port)

Configure neighbor discovery prefixes IPv6 nodes on the same link use ND to discover link-layer addresses and to obtain and advertise various network parameters and reachability information. ND combines the services provided by Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) and router discovery for IPv4. IPv6 router advertisement includes discovery prefixes.


Command Parameters

eui <1-3>
Specifies if extended unique identifier (EUI) is used. The values are:(1) EUI not used (2) EUI with Universal/Local bit (U/L) complement enabled (3) EUI used without U/L.
Removes the prefix from the neighbor advertisement. The default is disabled.
Configures if the prefix is used for autonomous address configuration.
Configures if onlink determination uses the prefix. This value is placed in the L-bit field in the prefix information option and is a 1-bit flag.
WORD <0-255>
Specifies the IPv6 address prefix.



Command Mode

GigabitEthernet Interface Configuration