show ip igmp group count member-subnet {A.B.C.D/X} group {A.B.C.D} tracked-members source-subnet {A.B.C.D/X} vrf

Displays the number of tracked-members in the specified IGMP group subnet for a specified source IP address and subnet mask, and VRF name.


Command Parameters

Specifies the group address.
member-subnet {A.B.C.D/X}
Specifies the IP address and mask of the IGMP member.
source-subnet {A.B.C.D/X}
Specifies the source IP address and the subnet mask.
vrf WORD<1-16>
Specifies a VRF by name.
vrfids WORD <0-512>
Specifies the ID of the VRF and is an integer in the range of 0 to 512.



Command Mode

Privileged EXEC