Understanding the Utility Menu



Utility menu functions vary on different operating systems and platforms. The following example might not represent the options available on your platform.

You can perform many configuration tasks through the Utility menu, which can be invoked after the first part of the POST is completed.

Use the following procedures to display the Utility menu:

  1. During the boot process, press 2 within five seconds after the following message displays:
    FASTPATH Startup
    Select startup mode.  If no selection is made within 5 seconds,
    the FASTPATH Application will start automatically...
    FASTPATH Startup -- Main Menu
    1 - Start FASTPATH Application
    2 - Display Utility Menu
    Select (1, 2): 2
    FASTPATH Startup
    Options available
    1 - Start FASTPATH Application
    2 - Load Code Update Package
    3 - Load Configuration
    4 - Select Serial Speed
    5 - Retrieve Error Log
    6 - Erase Current Configuration
    7 - Erase Permanent Storage
    8 - Select Boot Method
    9 - Activate Backup Image
    10 - Start Diagnostic Application
    11 - Reboot
    12 - Erase All Configuration Files
    Q - Quit from FASTPATH Startup

The following sections describe the Utility menu options. By default, if no selection is made within five seconds, the operational code starts.