RADIUS Accounting Server Status

The RADIUS Accounting Server Status page shows summary information about the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) accounting servers configured on the system.

To access this page, click Security > RADIUS > Accounting Server in the navigation menu.

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RADIUS Accounting Server Status Fields

Field Description
IP Address/Host Name The IP address or host name of the RADIUS accounting server. Host names must be resolvable by DNS and are composed of a series of labels separated by dots.
Server Name The name of the RADIUS accounting server. RADIUS servers that are configured with the same name are members of the same named RADIUS server group. RADIUS accounting servers in the same group serve as backups for each other.
Port Number The UDP port on the RAIDUS accounting server to which the local RADIUS client sends request packets.
Secret Configured Whether the shared secret for this server has been configured.
Secret The shared secret text string used for authenticating and encrypting all RADIUS communications between the RADIUS client on the device and the RADIUS accounting server. The secret specified in this field must match the shared secret configured on the RADIUS accounting server.

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