LLDP Local Device Information

The LLDP-MED Local Device Information page displays information on LLDP-MED information advertised on the selected local interface. To access this page, click Switching > LLDP-MED > Local Devices in the navigation menu.

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LLPD-MED Local Device Information Fields

Field Description
Interface The interface associated with the rest of the data in the row. When viewing LLDP-MED details for an interface, this field identifies the interface that is being viewed.
Port ID The MAC address of the interface. This is the MAC address that is advertised in LLDP-MED PDUs.

After you click Details, a window opens and shows detailed information about the LLDP-MED information the selected interface transmits. The following information describes the additional fields that appear in the LLDP-MED Local Device Information window.

Network Policy Information

The information in this table identifies the data transmitted in the Network Policy TLVs.

Media Application Type The media application type transmitted in the TLV. The application types are unknown, voicesignaling, guestvoice, guestvoicesignalling, softphonevoice, videoconferencing, streamingvideo, videosignalling. Each application type that is transmitted has the VLAN ID, priority, DSCP, tagged bit status and unknown bit status. A port may transmit one or many such application types. This information is displayed only when a network policy TLV has been transmitted.
VLAN ID The VLAN ID associated with a particular policy type.
Priority The user priority associated with a particular policy type.
DSCP The DSCP value associated with a particular policy type.
Unknown Bit Status The unknown bit associated with a particular policy type.
Tagged Bit Status Identifies whether the network policy is defined for tagged or untagged VLANs.
Location Information
Sub Type The type of location information:
  • Coordinate Based: The location map coordinates (latitude, longitude and altitude) of the device.
  • Civic Address: The civic or street address location of the device.
  • ELIN: The Emergency Call Service (ECS) Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN) of the device.
Information This column displays the information related to the coordinates, civic address, and ELIN for the device.

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