Time Based Statistics

Use the Time Based Statistics page to view time-based statistics collected for the configured traffic groups and flow-based rules.

To access this page, click System > Statistics > Time Based > Statistics in the navigation menu.

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Time Based Statistics Fields

Field Description
ID The traffic group name or flow-based rule ID associated with the rest of the statistics in the row.
Interface The interface on which the statistics were reported.
Counter ID For traffic group statistics, this field identifies the type of traffic.
Counter Value For traffic group statistics, this field shows the number of packets of the type identified by the Counter Id field that were reported on the interface during the time range.
Port Utilization For a port utilization traffic group, this field reports the percentage of the total available bandwidth used on the interface during the time range.
Hit Count For flow-based statistics, this field reports the number of packets that matched the flow-based rule criteria during the time range.

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