Configuring UDLD

The UDLD feature detects unidirectional links on physical ports by exchanging packets containing information about neighboring devices. The purpose of the UDLD feature is to detect and avoid unidirectional links. A unidirectional link is a forwarding anomaly in a Layer 2 communication channel in which a bidirectional link stops passing traffic in one direction.

To access the UDLD Configuration page, click Switching > UDLD > Configuration in the navigation menu.

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UDLD Configuration Fields

Field Description
Admin Mode The administrative mode of UDLD on the device. UDLD must be administratively enabled on the device and on an interface for that interface to send UDLD messages. Additionally, UDLD must be enabled on the both sides of the link for the device to detect a unidirectional link.
Message Interval (Seconds) The amount of time to wait between sending UDLD probe messages on ports that are in the advertisement phase.
Timeout Interval (Seconds) The amount of time to wait to receive a UDLD message before considering the UDLD link to be unidirectional.

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