Global Configuration

Use the LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) Global Configuration page to specify LLDP parameters that are applied to the switch.

To access this page, click Switching > LLDP > Global in the navigation menu.

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LLDP Global Configuration Fields

Field Description
Transmit Interval Specifies the interval at which LLDP frames are transmitted. The default is 30 seconds, and the valid range is 1-32768 seconds.
Transmit Hold Multiplier Specifies multiplier on the transmit interval to assign to TTL. The default is 4, and the range is 2-10.
Re-Initialization Delay Specifies the delay before a re-initialization. The default is 2 seconds, and the range is 1-10 seconds.
Notification Interval Limits the transmission of notifications. The default is 5 seconds, and the range is 5-3600 seconds.

If you make any changes to the page, click Submit to apply the new settings to the system.