Green Ethernet Configuration

For platforms that include Green Energy features, the Green Ethernet Configuration page is used to configure the global settings for the EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) settings on the device.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > Green Ethernet > Configuration in the navigation menu.

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Green Ethernet Configuration Fields

Field Description
EEE LPI History Sampling Interval The amount of time to wait between collecting LPI (Low-Power Idle) samples on the device.
EEE LPI History Maximum The number of LPI samples to store in the buffer.
EEE Low Power Idle The administrative mode of EEE LPI on the device. When enabled, the ports can enter a low-power mode to reduce power consumption during periods of low link utilization.

If you change any of the parameters, click Submit to apply the changes to the system. If you want the switch to retain the new values across a power cycle, you must save the configuration.