Event Log

Use the Event Log page to display the event log, which is used to hold error messages for catastrophic events. After the event is logged and the updated log is saved in flash memory, the switch will reboot. The log can hold at least 2,000 entries (the actual number depends on the platform and OS), and is erased when an attempt is made to add an entry after it is full. The event log is preserved across system reboots.

To access this page, click System > Logs > Event Log in the navigation menu.

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Event Log Fields

Field Description
Entry The number of the entry within the event log. The most recent entry is first.
Type The incident category that indicates the cause of the log entry: EVENT, ERROR, etc.
Filename The 200 Series source code filename identifying the code that detected the event.
Line The line number within the source file of the code that detected the event.
Task ID The OS-assigned ID of the task reporting the event.
Code The event code passed to the event log handler by the code reporting the event.
Time The time the event occurred, measured from the previous reboot.

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