Ping IPv6

Use the Ping IPv6 page to tell the device to send one or more ping requests to a specified IPv6 host. You can use the ping request to check whether the device can communicate with a particular host on an IPv6 network. A ping request is an Internet Control Message Protocol version 6 (ICMPv6) echo request packet. The information you enter on this page is not saved as part of the device configuration.

To access this page, click System > Utilities > Ping IPv6 in the navigation menu.

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Ping IPv6 Fields

Field Description
Ping Select either a global IPv6 address or a link local address to ping. A global address is routable over the Internet, while a link-local address is intended for communication only within the local network. Link local addresses have a prefix of fe80::/64.
Interface This field displays only when Link Local is selected. Select an IPv6 interface to initiate the ping.
Host Name or IPv6 Address Enter the global or link-local IPv6 address, or the DNS-resolvable host name of the station to ping. If the ping type is Link Local, you must enter a link-local address and cannot enter a host name.
Count Enter the number of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) echo request packets to send to the host.
Interval Enter the number of seconds to wait between sending ping packets.
Size The size of the ping packet, in bytes. Changing the size allows you to troubleshoot connectivity issues with a variety of packet sizes, such as large or very large packets.
Source The source IP address or interface to use when sending the echo request packets. If source is not required, select None as source option.
IPv6 Address The source IPv6 address to use when sending the Echo requests packets. This field is enabled when IP Address is selected as source option.
Interface The interface to use when sending the Echo requests packets. This field is enabled when Interface is selected as source option.
Results The results of the ping test, which includes information about the reply (if any) received from the host.

Click Submit to send the specified number of pings. The results display in the Ping Output box.