Email Alert Server Configuration

Use the Email Alert Server Configuration page to configure information about up to three SMTP (mail) servers on the network that can handle email alerts sent from the switch.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > Email Alerts > Server in the navigation menu.

Use the buttons to perform the following tasks:

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Email Alert Server Configuration Fields

Field Description
Host Name or IP Address Shows the address or host name of the SMTP server that handles email alerts that the device sends.
Security Specifies the type of authentication to use with the mail server, which can be TLSv1 (SMTP over SSL) or None (no authentication is required).
Port Specifies the TCP port that email alerts are sent to on the SMTP server.
User Name If the Security is TLSv1, this field specifies the user name required to access the mail server.
Password If the Security is TLSv1, this field specifies the password associated with the configured user name for mail server access. When adding or editing the server, you must retype the password to confirm that it is entered correctly.

To remove a configured SMTP server, select the Remove checkbox and click Delete.

If you change any of the parameters, click Submit to apply the changes to the system. If you want the switch to retain the new values across a power cycle, you must save the configuration.