Diffserv Policy Summary

Use the Diffserv Policy Summary page to create or remove DiffServ policies and to view summary information about the policies that exist on the device. A policy defines the QoS (Quality of Service) attributes for one or more traffic classes. A policy attribute identifies the action taken when a packet matches a class rule. A policy is applied to a packet when a class match within that policy is found.

To access this page, click QoS > Diffserv > Policy Summary in the navigation menu.

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Diffserv Policy Summary Fields

Field Description
Name The name of the DiffServ policy. When adding a new policy or renaming an existing policy, the name of the policy is specified in the Policy field of the dialog window.
Type The traffic flow direction to which the policy is applied:
  • In: The policy is specific to inbound traffic.
  • Out: The policy is specific to outbound traffic direction.
Member Classes The DiffServ class or classes that have been added to the policy.

Click Refresh to update the page with the most current data from the switch.