Interface Configuration

Use the Interface Configuration page to apply an interface shaping rate to all ports or to a specific port.

To access this page, click QoS > Class of Service > Interface in the navigation menu.

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Interface Configuration Fields

Field Description
Interface Selects the CoS (Class of Service) configurable interface to be affected by the Interface Shaping Rate. Select Global to apply a rate to all interfaces. Select an individual port to override the global setting.
Interface Shaping Rate Sets the limit on how much traffic can leave a port. The limit on maximum transmission bandwidth has the effect of smoothing temporary traffic bursts over time so that the transmitted traffic rate is bounded. The specified value represents a percentage of the maximum negotiated bandwidth. The default value is zero (0). Valid values are 0 to 100, in increments of 1. A value of 0 means the maximum is unlimited.
WRED Decay Exponent Specifies the decay exponent value used with the WRED average queue length calculation algorithm. Default value is 9. Valid Range is (0 to 15).

If you make changes to the page, click Submit to apply the changes to the system. Click Restore Defaults to reset all interfaces to the default trust value.