MLD Snooping Querier Configuration

To access the MLD Snooping Querier Configuration page, click Switching > MLD Snooping Querier > Configuration in the navigation menu.

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MLD Snooping Querier Configuration Fields

Field Description
Admin Mode The administrative mode for the MLD snooping querier on the device. When enabled, the MLD snooping querier sends out periodic MLD queries that trigger MLD report messages from the switches that want to receive IP multicast traffic. The MLD snooping feature listens to these MLD reports to establish appropriate forwarding.
IPv6 Address The snooping querier unicast link-local IPv6 address to be used as the source address in periodic MLD queries. This address is used when no IPv6 address is configured on the VLAN on which the query is being sent.
MLD Version The MLD protocol version used in periodic MLD queries.
Query Interval (Seconds) The amount of time the MLD snooping querier should wait between sending periodic MLD queries.
Querier Expiry Interval (Seconds) The amount of time the device remains in non-querier mode after it has discovered that there is a multicast querier in the network.