Adding and Removing Static Routes

The new route is added, and you are returned to the Configured Routes page.

  1. Open the Configured Routes page.
  2. Click Add.
    The Router Route Entry Configuration window opens.
  3. Next to Route Type, select one of the following options from the menu.
    • Default: Enter the default gateway address in the Next Hop IP Address field.
    • Static: Enter values for Network Address, Subnet Mask, Next Hop IP Address, and Preference.
    • Static Reject: Packets to these destinations will be dropped.


    The route type you select determines the fields available on the page. Some of the fields that Route Entry Create Fields describes are not available when configuring certain types of routes.
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    Route Entry Create Fields

    Field Description
    Network Address Specify the IP route prefix for the destination from the drop-down menu. In order to create a route, a valid routing interface must exist and the next hop IP Address must be on the same network as the routing interface. Routing interfaces are created on the IP Interface Configuration page. Valid next hop IP Addresses can be viewed on the Route Table page.
    Subnet Mask Also referred to as the subnet/network mask, this indicates the portion of the IP interface address that identifies the attached network.
    Protocol This field tells which protocol created the specified route. Possible values are:
    • Local
    • Static
    • Default
    • RIP
    Next Hop Slot/Port The outgoing router interface to use when forwarding traffic to the destination.
    Next Hop IP Address The outgoing router IP address to use when forwarding traffic to the next router (if any) in the path towards the destination. The next router is always one of the adjacent neighbors or the IP address of the local interface for a directly attached network. When creating a route, the next hop IP must be on the same network as the routing interface. Valid next hop IP Addresses can be seen on the Route Table page.
    Metric Administrative cost of the path to the destination. If no value is entered, default is 1. The range is 0 — 255.This field is present only when creating a static route.
    Preference Specifies a preference value for the configured next hop.
    Route Type Specifies whether the route is to be a Default route or a Static route.
  4. Click Submit.
To remove a configured route, click Delete.