Private VLAN Configuration

To access the Private VLAN Configuration page, click Switching > Private VLAN > Configuration in the navigation menu.

Use the buttons to perform the following tasks:



Default VLAN and management VLAN cannot be configured as a private VLANs and hence are not displayed on this page.
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Private VLAN Configuration Fields

Field Description
VLAN ID Displays the VLAN ID for which Private VLAN type is being set.
Type Use the Private VLAN Type menu to select the type of private VLAN. The factory default is Unconfigured.
  • Primary: A private VLAN that forwards the traffic from the promiscuous ports to isolated ports, community ports, and other promiscuous ports in the same private VLAN. Only one primary VLAN can be configured per private VLAN. All ports within a private VLAN share the same primary VLAN.
  • Isolated: A secondary VLAN that carries traffic from isolated ports to promiscuous ports. Only one isolated VLAN can be configured per private VLAN.
  • Community: A secondary VLAN that forwards traffic between ports that belong to the same community and to the promiscuous ports. Multiple community VLANs can be configured per private VLAN.
  • Unconfigured: The VLAN is not configured as a private VLAN.

Click Refreshto display the latest information from the router.