Auto VoIP Global Configuration

Use the Auto VoIP Global Configuration page to configure the VLAN ID for the Auto VoIP VLAN or to reset the current Auto VoIP VLAN ID to the default value. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) enables telephone calls over a data network. Because voice traffic is typically more time-sensitive than data traffic, the Auto VoIP feature helps provide a classification mechanism for voice packets so that they can be prioritized above data packets in order to provide better QoS (Quality of Service).

With the Auto VoIP feature, voice prioritization is provided based on call-control protocols (SIP, SCCP, H.323) and/or OUI bits. When the device identifies voice traffic, it is placed in the VLAN specified on this page. The Auto VoIP feature does not rely on LLDP-MED support in connected devices.

To access this page, click QoS > Auto VoIP > Global in the navigation menu.

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Auto VoIP Global Configuration Fields

Field Description
Auto VoIP VLAN The VLAN used to segregate VoIP traffic from other non-voice traffic.
Reset (Button) Click this button to reset the voice VLAN to the default value.