Start Diagnostic Application

Use option 10 to run flash diagnostics. User action is confirmed with a Y/N question before executing the command.

To perform a complete test of the flash memory from the Utility menu:

  1. On the Utility menu, select 10 and press [Enter].

    The following prompt displays:

    Do you wish to run flash diagnostics? (Boot code region will not be tested.) (y/n):yInput number of diagnostic iterations ->1Testing 2 x 28F128J3 base: 0xfe000000
    Iterations remaining = 1
    Erasing sector 0
    Verify sector 0 erased
    Writing sector 0
    Erasing sector 1
    Verify sector 1 erased
    Writing sector 1
    Erasing sector 2
    Verify sector 2 erased
    Writing sector 2
    Erasing sector 3
    Verify sector 3 erased
    Writing sector 3
    Erasing sector 4
    Verify sector 4 erased
    Writing sector 4
    Erasing sector 5
    Verify sector 5 erased
    Writing sector 5
    Erasing sector 6


    This process runs until all sectors have been erased, verified erased, and written.
    Flash Diagnostics passed
    [Utility menu]
  2. The bootup process resumes.