Using the Web UI to Configure MSTP

  1. Create VLANs 10 and 20.
    1. Access the Switching > VLAN > Statuspage.
    2. Click Add to create a VLAN.
    3. Select the VLAN ID-Individual option and enter 10.
    4. Click Submit.
    5. Repeat the steps to add VLAN 20.
  2. Enable MSTP (IEEE 802.1s) on the switch and change the configuration name.
    Changing the configuration name allows all the bridges that want to be part of the same region to join.
    1. Go to the Switching > Spanning Tree > Switch page.
    2. From the Spanning Tree Admin Mode menu, select Enable.
    3. In the Configuration Name field, enter extreme.
    4. Click Submit.
  3. Create two MST instances.
    1. Go to the Switching > Spanning Tree > MSTpage.
    2. From the MST page, click Add.
    3. In the MST ID field, enter 10.
    4. Associate MST ID 10 with VLAN 10 and assign a bridge priority of 16384.
    5. Click Submit.
    6. Repeat the steps to create an MST instance with an ID of 20.
  4. Use similar procedures to associate MST instance 20 to VLAN 20 and assign it a bridge priority value of 61440.
    By using a lower priority for MST 20, MST 10 becomes the root bridge.
  5. Force port 1/0/2 to be the root port for MST 20, which is the non-root bridge.
    1. Go to the Switching > Spanning Tree > MSTpage.
    2. From the MST ID menu, select 20.
    3. From the Interface menu, select 1/0/2.
    4. In the Port Priority field, enter 64.
    5. Click Submit.