Viewing Inventory Information

Use the Inventory Information page to display the switch's Vital Product Data, which is stored in non-volatile memory at the factory.

To display this page, click System > Summary > Inventory in the navigation menu.

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Inventory Information Fields

Field Description
Management Unit Number Unit number that corresponds to the stack manager. This field is available only on switches that support stacking.
System Description The product name of this switch.
Machine Type The machine type of this switch.
Machine Model The model within the machine type.
Serial Number The unique serial number for this switch.
FRU Number The field replaceable unit number.
Part Number The manufacturing part number.
Maintenance Level The identification of the hardware change level.
Manufacturer The two-octet code that identifies the manufacturer.
Burned In MAC Address The burned-in universally administered MAC address of this switch.
Software Version The release version.maintenance number of the code currently running on the switch. For example, if the release is 1, the version is 2 and the maintenance number is 4, the format is “1.2.4.”
Operating System The operating system currently running on the switch.
Network Processing Device Identifies the network processor hardware.
Additional Packages A list of the optional software packages installed on the switch, if any.

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