Global Configuration

Use the Configuration page to configure global DNS settings and to view DNS client status information.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > DNS > Configuration.

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DNS Global Configuration Fields

Field Description
Admin Mode Select Enable or Disable from the drop-down menu to set the administrative status of DNS Client. The default is Disable.
Default Domain Name Enter the default domain name for DNS client messages. The name should be no longer than 255 characters. When the system is performing a lookup on an unqualified hostname, this field is provided as the domain name (for example, if the default domain name is ".com" and the user enters hotmail, then hotmail is changed to to resolve the name).

By default, no default domain name is configured in the system.

Retry Number Enter the number of times to retry sending DNS queries. The valid values are from 0 to 100. The default value is 2.
Response Timeout Enter the number of seconds to allow a DNS server to respond to a request before issuing a retry. Valid values are 0 to 3600. The default value is 3.
Domain List Enter a domain list to define the domain to use when performing a lookup on an unqualified hostname. Each name must be no more than 256 characters. Multiple default domain names can be configured using the default domain-name list.

If there is no domain list, the default domain name configured is used.