System Reset

Use the System Reset page to reboot the system. If the platform supports stacking, you can reboot any or all of the switches in the stack from this page.

To access this page, click System > Utilities > System Reset in the navigation menu.

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System Reset Fields

Field Description
Generate Core Dump before reset Generates core dump file on demand.
Switch ID Select the specific switch to reboot, or specify All to reboot all switches in the stack.
Reset (Button) Initiates the system reboot action after displaying a confirmation message. Note that any configuration changes made since the last successful save are lost whenever a switch is rebooted. It is possible that the IP address of the switch will change. If this occurs, you will need to determine the new IP address to access the device using the web.

For Stacking platforms, you can select one or all switches in the stack to reboot from the drop-down menu. For platforms that do not support stacking, this field is not present.

Click Reset to initiate the system reboot. If you have not saved changes that you submitted since the last system reboot, the changes will not be applied to the system after the reboot.