Use the DAI ARP ACL Configuration page to configure ARP ACLs. An ARP ACL (Access Control List) can contain one or more permit rules. Each rule contains the IP address and MAC address of a system allowed to send ARP packets. When an ARP ACL is associated with a DAI-enabled VLAN, and an ARP packet is received on an interface that is a member of that VLAN, DAI validates the address information in the ARP packet against the rules in the ACL. If the sender information in the ARP packet matches a rule in the ARP ACL, DAI considers the packet to be valid, and the packet is forwarded.

To display this page, click Switching > Dynamic ARP Inspection > ACL Summary in the navigation menu.

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Dynamic ARP Inspection ACL Summary Fields

Field Description
ACL Name The name of the ACL. Only the ACLs that appear in this column can be referenced by DNI-enabled VLANs.

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