OUI Table Summary

Use the OUI Table Summary page to add and remove Organizationally Unique Identifiers (OUIs) from the OUI database the device maintains. Device hardware manufacturers can include an OUI in a network adapter to help identify the device. The OUI is a unique 24-bit number assigned by the IEEE registration authority. Several default OUIs have been preconfigured in the OUI database on the device.

To access this page, click QoS > Auto VoIP > OUI Table in the navigation menu.

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OUI Table Summary Fields

Field Description
Telephony OUI The unique OUI that identifies the device manufacturer or vendor. The OUI is specified in three octet values (each octet is represented as two hexadecimal digits) separated by colons.
Status Identifies whether the OUI is preconfigured on the system (Default) or added by a user (Configured).
Description Identifies the manufacturer or vendor associated with the OUI.