Multicast Router Configuration

Use the MLD Snooping Multicast Router Configuration page to manually configure an interface as a static MLD snooping multicast router interface. If a multicast router is attached to the switch, its existence can be learned dynamically. You can also statically configure an interface as a multicast router interface, which is an interface that faces a multicast router or MLD querier and receives multicast traffic.

To access this page, click Switching > MLD Snooping > Multicast Router Configuration in the navigation menu.

To change the multicast router mode for one or more interfaces, select each entry to modify and click Edit.

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Multicast Router Configuration Fields

Field Description
Interface The interface associated with the rest of the data in the row. When configuring the MLD snooping multicast router settings, this field identifies each interface that is being configured.
Multicast Router Whether the interface is enabled or disabled as a multicast router interface.