Configuration and Status Fields

The main area of the screen displays the fields you use to configure or monitor the switch. On pages that contain configuration options, you can input information into fields or select options from drop-down menus.

Each page contains access to the HTML-based help that explains the fields to configure or view on the page. Many pages also contain command buttons.

Common Command Buttons shows the command buttons that are used throughout the pages in the web interface.

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Common Command Buttons

Button Function
Submit Sends the updated configuration to the switch. Configuration changes take effect immediately, but changes are not retained across a power cycle unless you save them to the system configuration file.

To save the configuration to non-volatile memory, click Save Configuration in the upper-right portion of any configuration window.

Refresh Refreshes the page with the most current information.
Delete Removes the selected entry from the running configuration.
Clear Removes all entries from a table or resets statistical counters to the default value.
Edit Changes an existing entry.
Remove Deletes the selected entries.
Clear Counter Clears all the statistics counters, resetting all switch summary and detailed statistics to default values.
Logout Ends the session.


Submitting changes makes them effective during the current boot session only. You must save any changes if you want them to be retained across a power cycle (reboot).