ARP Table Configuration

Use the ARP Table Configuration page to change the configuration parameters for the Address Resolution Protocol Table. You can also use this screen to display the contents of the table.

To access this page, click Routing > ARP Table > Configuration in the navigation menu.

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ARP Table Configuration Fields

Field Description
Age Time The amount of time, in seconds, that a dynamic ARP entry remains in the ARP table before aging out.
Response Time The amount of time, in seconds, that the device waits for an ARP response to an ARP request that it sends.
Retries The maximum number of times an ARP request will be retried after an ARP response is not received. The number includes the initial ARP request.
Cache Size The maximum number of entries allowed in the ARP table. This number includes all static and dynamic ARP entries.
Dynamic Renew When selected, this option allows the ARP component to automatically attempt to renew dynamic ARP entries when they age out.

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