Access Control List VLAN Summary

Use the Access Control List VLAN Summary page to associate an ACL (Access Control List), or multiple ACLs, with one or more VLANs on the device.



You can also associate an ACL with a VLAN routing interface.

To access this page, click QoS > Access Control Lists > VLANs in the navigation menu.

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Access Control List VLAN Summary Fields

Field Description
VLAN ID The ID of the VLAN associated with the rest of the data in the row. When associating a VLAN with an ACL, use this field to select the desired VLAN.
Direction Whether the packet is checked against the rules in an ACL when it is received on a VLAN (Inbound) or after it has been received, routed, and is ready to exit a VLAN (Outbound).
Sequence Number The order the ACL is applied to traffic on the VLAN relative to other ACLs associated with the VLAN in the same direction. When multiple ACLs are applied to the same VLAN in the same direction, the ACL with the lowest sequence number is applied first, and the other ACLs are applied in ascending numerical order.
ACL Type The type of ACL, which is either IPv4, IPv6, or MAC.
ACL Identifier The name or number that identifies the ACL. The permitted identifier depends on the ACL type. Standard and Extended IPv4 ACLs use numbers within a set range, and Named IPv4, IPV6, and MAC ACLs use alphanumeric characters.