Port Channel Statistics

The Port Channel Statistics page displays the flap count for each port channel and their member ports. A flap occurs when a port channel interface or port channel member port goes down.

To access this page, click Switching > Port Channel > Statistics in the navigation menu.

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Port Channel Statistics Fields

Field Description
Interface The port channel or member port (physical port) associated with the rest of the data in the row.
Channel Name The port channel name associated with the port channel. For a physical port, this field identifies the name of the port channel of which the port is a member.
Type The interface type, which is either Port Channel (logical link-aggregation group) or Member Port (physical port).
Flap Count The number of times the interface has gone down. The counter for a member port is incremented when the physical port is either manually shut down by the administrator or when its link state is down. When a port channel is administratively shut down, the flap counter for the port channel is incremented, but the flap counters for its member ports are not affected. When all active member ports for a port channel are inactive (either administratively down or link down), then the port channel flap counter is incremented.
Clear Counters (Button) Click this button to reset the flap counters for all port channels and member ports to 0.

Click Refreshto display the latest information from the router.