Routing IP Loopback Configuration

Use the Routing IP Loopback Configuration page to configure the IP routing settings for each loopback interface.

To access this page, click Routing > IP > Loopback Configuration in the navigation menu.

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IP Loopback Configuration Fields

Field Description
Interface The menu contains all loopback interfaces that can be configured for routing. To configure routing settings for an interface, select it from the menu and then configure the rest of the settings on the page.
IP Address The IP address of the loopback interface.
Subnet Mask The IP subnet mask for the interface (also known as the network mask or netmask).
Secondary IP Address To add a secondary IP address on the interface, click the + (plus) symbol in the header row and enter the address in the appropriate field in the Secondary IP Address Configuration window. You can add one or more secondary IP addresses to an interface only if the interface already has a primary IP address. To remove a configured secondary IP address, click the – (minus) symbol associated with the entry to remove. To remove all configured secondary IP addresses, click the – (minus) symbol in the header row.
Secondary Subnet Mask The subnet mask associated with the secondary IP address. You can configure this field in the Secondary IP Address Configuration window.

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