SNTP Server Status

The SNTP Server Status page displays status information about the SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) servers configured on your switch.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > SNTP > Server Status in the navigation menu.

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SNTP Server Status Fields

Field Description
Address Specifies all the existing Server Addresses. If no Server configuration exists, No SNTP server exists displays.
Last Update Time Specifies the local date and time (UTC) that the response from this server was used to update the system clock.
Last Attempt Time Specifies the local date and time (UTC) that this SNTP server was last queried.
Last Attempt Status Specifies the status of the last SNTP request to this server. If no packet has been received from this server, a status of Other is displayed:
  • Other: None of the following enumeration values.
  • Success: The SNTP operation was successful and the system time was updated.
  • Request Timed Out: A directed SNTP request timed out without receiving a response from the SNTP server.
  • Bad Date Encoded: The time provided by the SNTP server is not valid.
  • Version Not Supported: The SNTP version supported by the server is not compatible with the version supported by the client.
  • Server Unsynchronized: The SNTP server is not synchronized with its peers. This is indicated via the 'leap indicator' field on the SNTP message.
  • Server Kiss Of Death: The SNTP server indicated that no further queries were to be sent to this server. This is indicated by a stratum field equal to 0 in a message received from a server.
Requests Specifies the number of SNTP requests made to this server since last agent reboot.
Failed Requests Specifies the number of failed SNTP requests made to this server since last reboot.

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