Load Code Update Package

Use option 2 when a new software version must be downloaded to replace corrupted files, update, or upgrade the system software.

To download software from the Utility menu:

  1. On the Utility menu, select 2 and press [Enter]. The following prompt displays:
    Select Mode of Transfer (Press T/X/Y/Z for TFTP/XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM)
  2. Select the transfer mode: press T/X/Y/Z for TFTP/XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM.
  3. When using HyperTerminal, click Transfer on the HyperTerminal menu bar.
  4. From the Transfer menu, click Send File.

    The Send File window opens.

  5. Enter the file path for the file to be downloaded.
  6. Make sure the protocol is defined per the transfer option selected in step 2 (XMODEM/YMODEM/ZMODEM).
  7. Click Send.

    The software is downloaded. Software downloading takes several minutes. The terminal emulation application, such as HyperTerminal, may display the loading process progress.

    After software downloads, the switch reboots automatically.