Global Configuration and Status

Use the IGMP Snooping Configuration and Status page to enable IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) snooping on the switch and view information about the current IGMP configuration.

To access this page, click Switching > IGMP Snooping > Configuration in the navigation menu.

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IGMP Snooping Global Configuration and Status Fields

Field Description
Admin Mode Select the administrative mode for IGMP Snooping for the switch from the drop-down menu. The default is disable.
Multicast Control Frame Count Shows the number of multicast control frames that have been processed by the CPU.
Interfaces Enabled for IGMP Snooping Lists the interfaces currently enabled for IGMP Snooping. To enable interfaces for IGMP snooping, see Interface Configuration.
Data Frames Forwarded by the CPU Shows the number of data frames forwarded by the CPU.

Select Enable or Disable the Admin Mode field and click Submit to turn the feature on or off. Perform a save if you want the changes to remain in effect over a power cycle.