Task Groups

The Task Group Configuration page allows you to add, edit, and remove task groups. Task groups allow users to have different permission levels (read, write, execute, debug) at a per-component level. Task-based authorization uses the concept of components/tasks to define permission for commands for a given user.

Users are assigned to User Groups that are, in turn, associated with Task Groups. Each Task Group is then associated with one or more tasks/components. This feature is supported only for users who are authenticated locally via the web interface.

To access this page, click System > Users > Task Groups in the navigation menu.

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Task Group Configuration Fields

Field Description
Task Group The task group name.
Description The associated description for task group name.
Parent Task Groups The associated parent task groups for task group name. To configure this parent task group, click the Add icon in the header row. To remove the parent task group, click the Reset icon in the row.
Configured Permission The configured task permissions for task group.
Configured Tasks The list of task names. To configure this task, click the Add icon in the header row. To remove the task, click the Reset icon in the row.

The tasks available are platform and package dependent.

Permissions The task permissions.
  • Read
  • Write
  • Debug
  • Execute

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