Green Ethernet Status

For platforms that include Green Energy features, the Green Ethernet Status page shows status information about the Green Ethernet feature on the device. The Green Ethernet feature is designed to reduce per-port power usage.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > Green Ethernet > Status in the navigation menu.

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Green Ethernet Status Fields

Field Description
Estimated Energy Savings The estimated cumulative energy saved on the device (Watts times hours) because of the Green Ethernet feature.
Estimated Power Savings The estimated percentage of power saved on all ports. For example, 10% means that the device required 10% less power than it would have required if the Green Ethernet feature had not been present.
Current Power Consumption The estimated power consumption by all ports.
Unit The device's Unit ID.
Energy-Detect Whether Energy Detect mode is present on the device. When the Energy Detect mode is enabled and a port link is down, the PHY (Physical Interface Transceiver) automatically goes down for a short period of time and then wakes up to check link pulses. This mode reduces power consumption on the port when no link partner is present.
Short-Reach Whether the Short-Reach cable mode is present on the device. When present and enabled, short-reach cable mode performs a cable test when the port link is up. If the cable that connects the port to its link partner has a length less than 10m, PHYs are placed in low-power mode (nominal power).
EEE Whether EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet) is present on the device. EEE enables ports to enter a low-power mode to reduce power consumption during periods of low link utilization. EEE is defined by IEEE 802.3az. EEE enables both the send and receive sides of the link to disable some functionality for power savings when the link is lightly loaded.
LPI-History Whether the device is able to provide historical data about the amount of time it has spent in LPI (low-power idle) mode.
LLDP-Cap-Exchg Whether the device is able to exchange information about its power capabilities with link partners by transmitting information in LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) data units.
Pwr-Usg-Est Whether the device is able to provide estimates of its power consumption.