User Domain Name

Use the User Domain Name page to configure the domain name to send to the authentication server, along with the user name and password, to authenticate a user attempting to access the device management interface. Domain name authentication is supported when user authentication is performed by a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) server or TACACS+ server.

To access this page, click System > Users > User Domain Name in the navigation menu.

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User Domain Name Fields

Field Description
User Domain Name Mode The administrative mode of domain name authentication on the device. When enabled, the domain name is included when the user name and password are sent to the authentication server. The domain name can be input by the user in the User Name field on the login screen in a domain-name\username format, or the domain name can be specified in the Domain Name field.
Domain Name The domain name to send to the authentication server when the user does not provide one in the User Name field during logon. When only the username is provided, the device sends the username as domain-name\username, where domain-name is the string configured in this field. To configure the domain name, click the Edit icon and specify the desired string. To reset the field to its default value, click the Reset icon and confirm the action.