DHCP Snooping Dynamic Bindings

Use the DHCP Snooping Dynamic Bindings page to view and clear dynamic bindings in the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) snooping bindings database. The DHCP snooping feature uses DHCP messages to build and maintain the bindings database. The bindings database includes data for clients only on untrusted ports. DHCP snooping creates a tentative binding from DHCP DISCOVER and REQUEST messages. Tentative bindings tie a client to an interface (the interface where the DHCP client message was received). Tentative bindings are completed when DHCP snooping learns the client's IP address from a DHCP ACK message on a trusted port. DHCP snooping removes bindings in response to DECLINE, RELEASE, and NACK messages. The DHCP snooping feature ignores the ACK messages as a reply to the DHCP Inform messages received on trusted ports.

To access this page, click Switching > DCHP Snooping > Base > Dynamic Bindings in the navigation menu.

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DHCP Snooping Dynamic Bindings Fields

Field Description
Interface The interface on which the DHCP client message was received.
MAC Address The MAC address associated with the DHCP client that sent the message. This is the Key to the binding database.
VLAN ID The VLAN ID of the client interface.
IP Address The IP address assigned to the client by the DHCP server.
Lease Time The remaining IP address lease time for the client.
Clear (Button) To remove one or more entries in the database, select each entry to delete and click Clear. You must confirm the action before the entry is deleted.

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