LLDP-MED Global Configuration

Use the LLDP-MED Global Configuration page to set global parameters for LLDP-MED operation.

To access this page, click Switching > LLDP-MED > Global in the navigation menu.

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LLDP Global Configuration Fields

Field Description
Fast Start Repeat Count Specifies the number of LLDP PDUs that will be transmitted when the protocol is enabled. The range is from (1 to 10). The default value s 3.
Device Class Specifies local device's MED Classification. The following three represent the actual endpoints:
  • Class I Generic [IP Communication Controller etc.]
  • Class II Media [Conference Bridge etc.]
  • Class III Communication [IP Telephone etc.]

    The fourth device is Network Connectivity Device, which is typically a LAN switch/router, IEEE 802.1 bridge, IEEE 802.11 wireless access point, etc.

Click Submit to updated the switch. The changes take effect but will not be retained across a power cycle unless a save is performed.