Use the TraceRoute page to determine the Layer 3 path a packet takes from the device to a specific IP address or hostname. When you initiate the TraceRoute command by clicking the Start button, the device sends a series of TraceRoute probes toward the destination. The results list the IP address of each Layer 3 device a probe passes through until it reaches its destination - or fails to reach its destination and is discarded. The information you enter on this page is not saved as part of the device configuration.

To access this page, click System > Utilities > TraceRoute in the navigation menu.

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TraceRoute Fields

Field Description
Host Name or IP Address The DNS-resolvable hostname or IP address of the system to attempt to reach.
Probes Per Hop TraceRoute works by sending UDP packets with increasing Time-To-Live (TTL) values. Specify the number of probes sent with each TTL.
MaxTTL The maximum Time-To-Live (TTL). The TraceRoute terminates after sending probes that can be Layer 3 forwarded this number of times. If the destination is further away, the TraceRoute will not reach it.
InitTTL The initial Time-To-Live (TTL). This value controls the maximum number of Layer 3 hops that the first set of probes may travel.
MaxFail The number of consecutive failures that terminate the TraceRoute. If the device fails to receive a response for this number of consecutive probes, the TraceRoute terminates.
Interval The number of seconds to wait between sending probes.
Port The UDP (User Datagram Protocol) destination port number to be used in probe packets. The port number should be a port that the target host is not listening on, so that when the probe reaches the destination, it responds with an ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) Port Unreachable message.
Size The size of probe payload in bytes.
Source Select None, IP Address, Interface, or Loopback as a source.
Status The current status of the TraceRoute, which can be:
  • Not Started: The TraceRoute has not been initiated since viewing the page.
  • In Progress: The TraceRoute has been initiated and is running.
  • Stopped: The TraceRoute was interrupted by clicking the Stop button.
  • Done: The TraceRoute has completed, and information about the TraceRoute is displayed in the Results area.
Results The results of the TraceRoute are displayed
Start (Button) Initiates the TraceRoute.
Stop (Button) Interrupts the running TraceRoute.