Privileges Summary

Use the Port Access Control Privileges Summary page to grant or deny port access to users configured on the system. To change the access control privileges for one or more ports, select each interface to configure and click Edit. The same settings are applied to all selected interfaces.

To access this page, click Security > Port Access Control > Privileges Summary in the navigation menu.

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Port Access Control Privileges Summary Fields

Field Description
Interface The local interface associated with the rest of the data in the row. When configuring access information for one or more interfaces, this field identifies each interface being configured.
Users The users that are allowed access to the system through the associated port. When configuring user access for a port, the Available Users field lists the users configured on the system that are denied access to the port. The users in the Selected Users field are allowed access. To move a user from one field to the other, click the user to move (or [Ctrl] + click to select multiple users) and click the appropriate arrow.

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