LLDP-MED Interface Configuration

Use the LLDP-MED Interface Configuration page to enable LLDP-MED mode on an interface and to configure its properties. To configure the settings for one or more interfaces, select each entry to modify and click Edit. The same LLDP-MED settings are applied to all selected interfaces.

To access this page, click Switching > LLDP-MED > Interface in the navigation menu.

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LLDP-MED Interface Configuration Fields

Field Description
Interface Selects the port that you want to configure LLDP-MED — 802.1AB on. You can select All to configure all interfaces on the DUT with the same properties. The Interface Configuration page will not be able to display the summary of ‘All‘ interfaces. The summary of individual interfaces is visible from the Interface Configuration page. The Interface Configuration page for the ‘All‘ option will always display the LLDP-MED mode and notification mode as ‘disabled‘ and checkboxes for ‘Transmit TLVs‘ will always be unchecked.
Link Status The link status of the interface, which is either Up or Down. An interface that is down does not forward traffic.
MED Status/LLDP-MED Mode The administrative status of LLDP-MED on the interface. When LLDP-MED is enabled, the transmit and receive function of LLDP is effectively enabled on the interface.
Notification Status/Configuration Notification Mode Whether LLDP-MED topology change notifications are enabled or disabled on the interface.
Operational Status Whether the interface will transmit TLVs.
Transmit TLVs The LLDP-MED TLV(s) that the interface transmits:
  • MED Capabilities: 0
  • Network Policy: 1

Click Submit to send the updated configuration to the switch. These changes take effect immediately but will not be retained across a power cycle unless a save is performed.