Interface Configuration

Use the MLD Snooping Interface Configuration page to configure MLD snooping settings on specific interfaces. To configure the settings for one or more interfaces, select each entry to modify and click Edit. The same MLD snooping settings are applied to all selected interfaces.

To access this page, click Switching > MLD Snooping > Interface Configuration in the navigation menu.

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MLD Snooping Interface Configuration Fields

Field Description
Interface The interface associated with the rest of the data in the row. When configuring MLD snooping settings, this field identifies each interface that is being configured.
Admin Mode The administrative mode of MLD snooping on the interface. MLD snooping must be enabled globally and on an interface for the interface to be able to snoop MLD packets to determine which segments should receive multicast packets directed to the group address.
Group Membership Interval The number of seconds the interface should wait for a report for a particular group on the interface before the MLD snooping feature deletes the interface from the group.
Max Response Time The number of seconds the interface should wait after sending a query if it does not receive a report for a particular group. The specified value should be less than the Group Membership Interval.
Multicast Router Present Expiration Time The number of seconds the interface should wait to receive a query before it is removed from the list of interfaces with multicast routers attached.
Fast Leave Admin Mode The administrative mode of Fast Leave on the interface. If Fast Leave is enabled, the interface can be immediately removed from the Layer 2 forwarding table entry upon receiving an MLD leave message for a multicast group without first sending out MAC-based general queries.

If you make any changes on the page, click Submit to apply the new settings to the switch.