Named Server Status

The RADIUS Named Server Status page shows summary information about the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) servers configured on the system.

To access this page, click Security > RADIUS > Named Server in the navigation menu.

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RADIUS Server Status Fields

Field Description
Current An asterisk (*) in the column Indicates that the server is the current server for the authentication server group. If no asterisk is present, the server is a backup server.

If more than one RADIUS server is configured with the same name, the switch selects one of the servers to be the current server from the group of servers with the same name.

When the switch sends a RADIUS request to the named server, the request is directed to the server selected as the current server. Initially the primary server is selected as the current server. If the primary server fails, one of the other servers becomes the current server.

RADIUS Server Host Address Shows the IP address of the RADIUS server.
RADIUS Server Name Shows the RADIUS server name. Multiple RADIUS servers can have the same name. In this case, RADIUS clients can use RADIUS servers with the same name as backups for each other.
Port Number Identifies the authentication port the server uses to verify the RADIUS server authentication. The port is a UDP port.
Server Type Shows whether the server is a Primary or Secondary server.
Secret Configured Whether the shared secret for this server has been configured.
Message Authenticator Shows whether the message authenticator attribute for the selected server is enabled or disabled.

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