Port Description

Use the Port Description page to configure a human-readable description of the port.

To access this page, click System > Port > Description in the navigation menu.

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Port Description Fields

Field Description
Interface Select the interface for which data is to be displayed or configured.
Port Description (Input field) A user-configurable description to help identify the port. To add a description to a port, select the port or LAG (Link Aggregation Group) from the Interface drop-down menu, type a description in the Port Description field, and click Submit.
Physical Address Displays the physical address of the specified interface.
PortList Bit Offset Displays the bit offset value which corresponds to the port when the MIB object type PortList is used to manage in SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol).
Interface Index The interface index object value assigned by the IF-MIB. This value is used to identify the interface when managing the device by using SNMP.
Port Description Shows the configured port description. By default, the port does not have an associated description.