RADIUS Configuration

Use the RADIUS Configuration page to view and configure various settings for the RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) servers configured on the system.

To access this page, click Security > RADIUS > Configuration in the navigation menu.

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RADIUS Configuration Fields

Field Description
Max Number of Retransmits The maximum number of times the RADIUS client on the device will retransmit a request packet to a configured RADIUS server after a response is not received. If multiple RADIUS servers are configured, the max retransmit value will be exhausted on the first server before the next server is attempted. A retransmit will not occur until the configured timeout value on that server has passed without a response from the RADIUS server. Therefore, the maximum delay in receiving a response from the RADIUS server equals the sum of (retransmit × timeout) for all configured servers. If the RADIUS request was generated by a user login attempt, all user interfaces will be blocked until the RADIUS application returns a response.
Timeout Duration The number of seconds the RADIUS client waits for a response from the RADIUS server. Consideration to maximum delay time should be given when configuring RADIUS timeout and RADIUS max retransmit values.
Accounting Mode Specifies whether the RADIUS accounting mode on the device is enabled or disabled.
NAS-IP Address The network access server (NAS) IP address for the RADIUS server. To specify an address, click the Edit icon and enter the IP address of the NAS in the available field. The address should be unique to the NAS within the scope of the RADIUS server. The NAS IP address is used only in Access-Request packets. To reset the NAS IP address to the default value, click the Reset icon and confirm the action.

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