sFlow Agent Summary

Packet Flow Sampling and Counter Sampling are performed by sFlow Instances associated with individual Data Sources within the sFlow Agent. Packet Flow Sampling and Counter Sampling are designed as part of an integrated system. Both types of samples are combined in sFlow datagrams. Packet Flow Sampling will cause a steady, but random, stream of sFlow datagrams to be sent to the sFlow Collector. Counter samples may be taken opportunistically in order to fill these datagrams.

In order to perform Packet Flow Sampling, an sFlow Sampler Instance is configured with a Sampling Rate. The Packet Flow sampling process results in the generation of Packet Flow Records. In order to perform Counter Sampling, the sFlow Poller Instance is configured with a Polling Interval, The Counter Sampling process results in the generation of Counter Records. The sFlow Agent collects Counter Records and Packet Flow Records and sends them in the form of sFlow datagrams to sFlow Collectors.

To access the sFlow Agent Summary page, click System > Advanced Configuration > sFlow > Agent in the navigation menu.

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sFlow Agent Summary Fields

Field Description
Version Uniquely identifies the version and implementation of this MIB. The version string must have the following structure: MIB Version; Organization; Software Revision where:
  • MIB Version: ‘1.3‘, the version of this MIB.
  • Organization: Broadcom Corp.
  • Revision: 1.0
Agent Address The IP address associated with this agent.

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