Bindings Information

Use the Bindings Information page to view information about the IP address bindings in the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server database.

To access this page, click System > Advanced Configuration > DHCP Server > Bindings in the navigation menu.

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Bindings Information Fields

Field Description
IP Address The IP Address of the DHCP client.
Hardware Address The MAC address of the DHCP client.
Lease Time Left The amount of time left until the lease expires in days, hours, and minutes.
Pool Allocation Type The type of binding used:
  • Dynamic: The address was allocated dynamically from a pool that includes a range of IP addresses.
  • Manual: A static IP address was assigned based on the MAC address of the client.
  • Inactive: The pool is not in use.
Clear Entries (Button) To remove an entry from the table, select each entry to delete and click Clear Entries. You must confirm the action before the binding is deleted.

If you change any of the parameters, click Submit to apply the changes to the system. If you want the switch to retain the new values across a power cycle, you must save the configuration.